Torch-MP3 Player Hybrid For Music-Loving Idiots In The Dark

I hate it when I'm investigating a spooky mystery, or walking around the woods at night, and don't have any sweet tunes to go along with me. Actually, I don't, because that scenario never exists, and this product is moronic.

The ACOUZTIC (strike one) is a 2GB MP3 player crammed into a torch (strikes two and three). Instead of having one button, like most torches, it has six buttons! You can control your music with a simple press! Except you better remember which button does what, because presumably you are standing in the dark (strike 12). Due to this same usage constraint, there's no screen. So this basically amounts to a large, heavy, iPod shuffle, only it's a big 170-lumen LED torch.

Conversely, you can't bludgeon someone to death with an iPod shuffle, so hey, score one for the ACOUZTIC! [ACOUZTIC via CrunchGear]

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