This House Is Probably More Secure Than Most Nuclear Silos

What amazes me about Safe House - a Polish home designed by Kwl Promes Architects - is that it manages to be a beautiful family residence while offering a security level probably comparable to the White House's situation room. It borders paranoia.

Just go through the gallery and notice all the details: The bank vault-thick doors and windows; the retractable bridge that joins the house with the indoor swimming pool; the giant metal door that shuts all the house's front down (and serves as a movie projection screen, apparently).

And yet, despite being a fortress when it closes at night, it's retains a beautiful airy spirit while it is open to the world. [Kwk Promes viaFreshome]


    Sure there is the retractable bridge but what about the glass corridor connecting the pool to the house?

    Wow. It has 'Evil Genius' written all over it. Turning your whole house into a panic room is cool.

    How do they handle fresh air though? Is it possible to smoke them out?

    Way to be on the cutting edge of news guys....

    I'm pretty sure I got this as chain email months ago too.

      Un-freakin-beleivable. Ash, kaws, you utter wankers. "Oooh, I'm so awesome because I saw this ages ago so you idiots are so far behind the times." (Reads best if you imagine a whiny teenager's emo voice) You know what, I saw this some time ago too, but that doesn't mean everybody did, so why not just suck it up, hold your tongue, and let others appreciate an interesting design. If you think you could do a better job than everybody at Gizmodo, then why don't you apply for a job and we'll critique the living crap out of the pathetic offerings you manage to come up with.

      Ok, I'm done now.

        Ash for news reporter...

    Way cutting edge, something that was on over a month a go.

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