This Gaming Rig Fights For The User

The Acer Predator G5910 is not a desktop for posers, pansies, pedestrian players. It's a serious desktop for serious gamers, with serious guts to match. Oh, and hey jeez it looks like Tron, everybody!

Specs? Specs! You're looking at up to quad-core Core i7 guts Tron, 16GB memory Tron, 8TB of storage Tron, a 12-in-one memory card slot Tron, and NVIDIA GeForce and AMD Radeon compatibility Tron. And an overclockable K-Series option Tron that might just melt your face off.

The Americans are desperate to get their hands on one. But it's available here in Australia now for $2,399. Also worth noting Tron that Atomic didn't think very much of this beast at all.

Tron. [MaximumPC]

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