This Arctic Light Video Feels Impossibly Beautiful

This Arctic Light Video Feels Impossibly Beautiful

I recently wrote about the Arctic Midnight Sun. This is what happens before that time comes: The Arctic Light. It’s hard to believe that such breathtaking beauty still exists untouched on this glorious planet of ours.

The Arctic Light is a natural phenomenon that happens two to four weeks before the Midnight Sun season, as the photographer himself, Mr TSO, explains:

The Sunset and Sunrise are connected in one magnificent show of colour and light lasting from 8 to 12 hours. The sun is barely going below the horizon before coming up again. This is the most colorful light that I know, and the main reason I have been going up there for the last four years, at the exact

same time of year, to photograph.

This was filmed between 29th April and 10th May 2011 in the Arctic, on the archipelago Lofoten in Norway.

It's simply incredible. If a simple video clip - even while it was perfectly photographed - can look so overwhelming, I can't begin to imagine the sensation of actually being there, standing in silence, walking around by the sea, experiencing a day like this. It must be a sensory overload.