The Windows Phone 7 Apps Everyone Should Have May 2011

The Windows Phone 7 Apps Everyone Should Have May 2011

Windows Phone 7 is home to many beautiful apps but which ones are the best? We got ’em all for you right here.


gMaps: gMaps is a Google Maps app for Windows Phone that works as well as you’d expect. And as I don’t actually know anyone who uses Bing Maps over Google Maps, this is the maps app you’d want. Best part is it’s free. Free.[imgclear]

My Trips: It ties in with TripIt, the excellent travel service, so it’ll sync all your itineraries, flight information and all the other details you need when you’re on the go. If you use TripIt, and it’s as indispensable a travel tool there is, you’ll love My Trips.[imgclear]

Wordament: It’s an addictive word game in the lines of Boggle. You get a grid of letters and you find as many words as you can from adjacent letters. The game pits you against other players in real time so you get to see how quick your finger and vast your vocabulary is. Free.[imgclear]

Rocket Riot: An 8-bit styled game where you shoot stuff up and blow things up in search for the bad guy. There’s a ton of levels, that are each creatively designed and fun to play. You’ll probably lose a few days to this game. $US5.[imgclear]

Chickens Can Dream: A fun, casual game where you avoid obstacles such as circular saws, flame throwers, boots-on-a-stick on your quest downwards. The graphics are cute and gameplay is wildly addictive, as you race to beat your score. Free.[imgclear]


None. In fact we want more Windows Phone 7 apps to add to our list. Let us know which apps you guys can’t live without in the comments.

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