The Playbook Is Now On Sale


    Not me. I use to love BlackBerry and RIM. But their devices have really fallen behind and so has the build quality (my Bold 9700 has died 6 months into its life). 2 years ago, I would have been at the front of the queue for a Playbook. Today I am joining the chorus of people at work asking to be switched away from the BlackBerry.

    Nope, happy with my Iconia :)

    Don't you mean WebOS has the best multi-tasking Nick? Considering they all but stole the UI language and idea for it from Palm/HP.

      Maybe if there was a WebOS tablet on the market...

    So much thinner and crisp than the other tablets. I want one just to watch 1080p movies.

    Buying one as soon as I finish work.

    Got one. All good so far. Have even started using it as a support tool since a lot of our admin systems at work have web based interfaces.

    How much??

    and here I was thinking that Australians were smarter, RIM has nearly laid Playbook to rest, heads have rolled, and here we are discussing purchasing them... ZOMG

    No 3g... piece of crap!!

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