The Best Videos Of Last Week

The Best Videos Of Last Week

Maybe you were working all week and missed the best of your favourite Gawker Media sites. Or maybe you’re still working and in need a little diversion. Well, whatever the case, we’ve got you covered. Here are some of the most amusing and entertaining videos we watched during the week that was.

Can You Fall In Love with This Beautiful Girl?

This is Eguchi Aimi. She’s the latest member of Japanese pop band AKB48 and a very lovely girl. But Eguchi Aimi is not what she seems. This Sunday, she shocked all her fans revealing her dark secret. You must watch this. View »[imgclear]

Another Opportunity To Relive Your Entire 1990s Childhood In Under 4 Minutes

The creator of the 90s pop culture supercut we all adored last month is back at it again, this time with with many more video clips that commenters (like you guys!) pointed out had been omitted View »[imgclear]

Watch Tom Hanks Dance with a Hot Weather Lady on Univision

In an inexplicable appearance that proves he’ll do just about anything to promote his upcoming film, Larry Crowne, Tom Hanks spent some time with the hosts of Univision’s Despierta America morning show on Tuesday. And if the above video of Hanks dancing the “weather mambo” with sexy co-host Chiquinquira Delgado is any indication, a very good time was had by all. View »[imgclear]

The strangest racing crash you’ll ever see

You won’t believe how two racing motorcycles got so ridiculously tangled up during a crash at this past weekend’s Promosport event at Magny-Cours. The crash continues even after the riders are off as the bikes curl around one another like a gas-powered top. View »[imgclear]

Team Fortress 2‘s ‘Meet The Medic’ Will See You Now

Ending a two year hiatus since the last Team Fortress 2 “Meet the Team” video, Valve unleashes “Meet the Medic,” an introduction to the man behind the Übercharge. It was worth the wait. View »[imgclear]

Red Sox Fan Catches Foul Ball With $US7 Light Beer, Still Finishes Beer

If you paid that much for a Bud Light, you’d drink it, too. View »[imgclear]

Hey, Who Wants to Check Out a Breakdancing Gorilla?!

Yo, yo, yo, homies! Check it out! It’s Zola, the 9-year-old gorilla from the Calgary Zoo — who BREAKDANCES! Those are some wild-style electric boogaloo moves going down with that krazy ape. Turns out Zola is originally from the Bronx. It’s all starting to make sense now! Get down, boooy. View »[imgclear]

Watch Miss USA Hopefuls Awkwardly Dance Around The Evolution Issue

During their pre-pageant questioning, each of the potential Miss USAs were asked a simple question: “Should evolution be taught in schools?” Here are their trimmed-down, wishy washy answers. View »[imgclear]

The Video of the Kiss That Wasn’t a Kiss

Remember that beautiful image of the kiss that was never a kiss, taken during the Vancouver hockey riots? We knew that it wasn’t really what it seemed to be, but now we can actually see how it happened. View »[imgclear]

The ten best Nürburgring laps on video

In its heyday, the Nürburgring was such an unforgiving racetrack drivers dubbed it “Green Hell.” Many drove it, few mastered it, and those who did became legends. Here are the ten best recorded ‘Ring laps according to Jalopnik readers. Watch and learn. View »[imgclear]

The Story Behind Mario’s Name Change

Mario hasn’t always been known as Mario. Back in the day, one of his earlier names was Jumpman. The story of how the change came about is informative, if also a little sad, especially for poor Pauline. View »[imgclear]

Cameron Diaz and David Letterman Awkwardly Reenact the Time She Fed Popcorn to A-Rod

Tonight, Cameron Diaz took over most of the Late Show to chat with David Letterman and promote her raunchy new movie, Bad Teacher. And with 25 minutes for Diaz and Letterman to waste together, it was pretty much a given that there would be some awkward moments. View »[imgclear]

Anderson Cooper Is Upset About This Whole ’51-Year-Old Marrying A 16-Year-Old’ Situation

Our collective minds were blown by the overall weirdness of story: the 35-year age difference, how Courtney’s parents gave permission for her to get married, and why in the world a sixteen year old girl looks like she’s thirty. Then Anderson Cooper caught wind of the commotion and went off. View »[imgclear]

The Story Of The Porta-Potty Peeping Tom Has Been Animated

So yeah, some guy hid in the receiving end of a Colorado yoga-festival Porta-Potty and up-peeped. This is the type of crime that should be told through animation, of course, and animation that concludes as if it was poetry: “A man covered in feces and cuts on his back and legs was seen fleeing the scene.” View »[imgclear]

Alone in airport guys also shoot cars

Perhaps lost in all the excitement over their empty airport video is the small detail that the two guys behind it are also fantastic car photographers and the video was meant to be included in the upcoming DVD “Tandem of Die.” Here’s a fresh teaser for it straight from Joe Ayala and his buddy Justin Shreeve. View »[imgclear]

Finally! A Legit Muppet Movie Trailer

The Muppets have been screwing with our heads. First, they tried to trick us into falling for some Rom-Com nonsense. Then they went all Green Lantern on us. But this new trailer just looks straight up fantastic. Can’t wait. View »[imgclear]

Lady Gaga Shows Off Turquoise Pubes and Armpit Hair

At last night’s Much Music Awards, Lady Gaga took her wig fetish to its logical next step with neon turquoise pit and pube wigs. The carpet matches the drapes matches the—hmm—valances? Tapestries? Terry cloth toilet cover? View »[imgclear]

Mother Calls EA ‘Motherfuckers’

The gaming provocateur (and World of Warcraft power user) Athene says his mum wanted him to post this. It sounds like it came from the man himself, except for the part where she stutters over the pronunciation of the company’s name at the beginning. View »[imgclear]

When Kathy Griffin Met Michele Bachmann

Kathy Griffin had the extreme pleasure of bumping into Michele Bachmann at a political event; the two ladies recognised one another and when they started to speak an assistant filmed the exchange, supposedly for Bachmann’s website. Kathy, always on top of her game, decided to ask the tea party princess if she’d attend a rally to repeal DADT — and when Bachmann said no, Griffin followed up with, “Were you born a bigot or did you grow into one?” View »[imgclear]

Here’s Video Of A Polish Airshow Going Tragically Awry

Please resist the natural inclination to crack wise about the wisdom of holding an airshow in central Poland. Yes, yes, it takes three Polacks to screw in a lightbulb — funny — but pilot Marek Szufa died as a result of this accident. View »[imgclear]

Justin Bieber Attacked At Macy’s

During an event celebrating the launch of his new perfume at Macy’s in Herald Square in New York, Justin Bieber was attacked by a crazed fan. Trouble in Teenland! The video above apparently shows the attack. View »[imgclear]

This High School Principal Is Cooler than Yours Because He Arrived at Graduation Dressed as Iron Man

Today, a chapter in your lives ends. But tomorrow holds new promises for the future, and blah blah etc. etc.—graduation speeches are awful. Unless your principal gives the address in a full Iron Man suit. View »[imgclear]

Wii Motion Plus Captures Jimmy Fallon’s Wild Flailing on Late Night

Jimmy Fallon’s body was ready, but Reggie Fils-Aime overwhelmed him anyway with what Nintendo had to offer at E3. View »[imgclear]

Porsche crashes into Ferrari, spectators applaud

This was the scene earlier today at the Sepang International Circuit in Malaysia where the Japan GT was being held. Porsche Cayman S hits Ferrari 360, Ferrari 360 hits Ferrari California as a result, the crowd goes wild. View »[imgclear]

Adorable Boy Rescues & Raises Adorable Baby Hummingbird

If you don’t gasp during the “flying lessons” segment when the baby bird flies off of the boy’s hand for a little bit — and then comes right back to the safety of the kid’s finger perch — you are dead inside. Dead. View »[imgclear]

Jon Stewart Reads Off Laundry List of False Statements by ‘Lying Dynasty’ Fox News

Jon Stewart has always been critical of Fox News, but this week, the Daily Show host turned the volume up several notches. Stewart spent several minutes tonight reading off a list of statements by Fox that independent fact-checking organisation PolitiFact has proven to be false. View »[imgclear]