Telstra Boosts Pre-Paid Data Plans

Telstra Boosts Pre-Paid Data Plans

Telstra’s overhaul of its consumer plans seems almost complete, with changes to its prepaid offering today boosting the amount of data included in a recharge. It also introduces per-minute billing to the telco’s prepaid offering.

Following the improvements offered today, a $30 recharge includes 500MB of data, $40 gets you 1.5GB, $50 buys 3G, as does $60. That’s an improvement from 20MB, 40MB, 40MB and 100MB respectively.

At the same time, voice calls are moving to per-minute billing, charged at 78c/minute with a 39 cent flagfall. That’s up from 35 cent flagfall, but down from 40 cents per 30 seconds.

There’s a heap more data, but calls probably work out slightly mre expensive. and that doesn’t include Telstra’s 1c text offer included in the prepaid plans. Sounds like a pretty fair trade to me…