So That's What Advanced Mathematics Is For! Rolling Out The NBN!

Little known fact - I did four unit maths for my HSC, and haven't used any of it since. But had I decided to pursue a career of number crunching with advanced mathematics company Biarri, I could be crunching those numbers to make the rollout of the NBN easier and cheaper right now.

NBN Co has announced it's using the mathematics company to streamline the rollout process of the national network. Initially spending $6.5 million on the service, NBN Co hopes to minimise time spent designing and and positioning everything from fibre hubs to the layout and route of distribution of the network.

It's complex stuff though. Here's how co-founder of Biarri Joe Forbes described his work in the press release:

"Integer programming approaches underlie a number of the engines and they incorporate algorithms to handle the complexity arising from the size of the network, reference architecture rules and need to re-use existing infrastructure."


Good thing smarter people than me are working this stuff out. I'd just tell them to start at my local exchange and work outwards from there...

[NBN Co]

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