So Maybe Dropped Calls Aren't That Bad After All

I get it, you're tired of your iPhone dropping calls. Heard it, lived it. But in light of the WHO report that mobile phones are maybe sort of kind of a little bit possibly cancer-causing, Funny or Die suggests that's maybe that's not the worst thing?

And yes, okay, that report was probably overblown given how many other things are assigned the same carcinogenic threat level. But hey, if you're a stickler like that you can still enjoy the video below making fun of Apple commercials, can't you? I know you can.

Click to view [FOD via BoingBoing]

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    The thing is, my iPhone has never dropped a call, unless i was in a no reception region.

    Tip Number 1: If you are with '3' this is your problem...
    Tip Number 2: That is all....

      The dropped call is more of an American issue. But I've definitely had crappy 3G while using the IP4 that timed out etc.

    I'm with three iPhone 4. Never dropped a call. I did develop data issues recently with no connection in busy areas but was able to resolve this with 3's network techs. No, I don't work for three, jus' sayin' - Never had a problem aside from the indian call centres.

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