Scenario Interactive 360 Degree 3D Movie Could Be The Future Of Cinema

As part of the Sydney Film Festival this week, Australian filmmakers from the University of New South Wales’ iCinema Research Centre are showing off a 360 degree 3D interactive movie called Scenario. Here’s hoping it’s the future of cinema.

Led by project director Professor Dennis Del Favero, the film takes five viewers at a time and engages them to help the characters on the 360 degree screen solve problems based on the viewers location in the cinema.

The cinema itself is ten metres high and four metres in diameter, using 12 projectors to create the surround picture and 24 speakers for surround audio, while IR tech follows the viewers location within the cinema.

It sounds amazing, and while it’s probably little more than a trial at the moment, it has the potential to change the way movie makers engage with an audience. Hopefully we’ll see more initiatives like this soon.