Samsung Wants To Ban All iPods, iPhones, iPads From The US

Last we heard, Apple brought the you-copied-our-shit fight to Samsung's home turf. Now Samsung's firing back, asking the International Trade Commission to ban US imports of every iPod, iPhone and iPad.

If the ITC hears the case, it'll be 16-18 months before a decision is reached. [FOSSPatents]


    Good try samsung, wont happen tho, apple bring in too much profit. even if they are an evil company

    Hah! It shows how ridiculous this is getting. Silly companies..

    In my dreams.

    Oh well.

    I hope they divorce from working together, Samsung had better never betray us by giving SAMOLED+ to the next iphone, or anything else they come up with.

    This is going to end up being a very fun thing to watch indeed…

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