Samsung Now Has A 3D VOD App For Its Smart TVs

Samsung Now Has A 3D VOD App For Its Smart TVs

 title=It turns out that one of the benefits of having apps on company’s TV is that you can create specialised apps to show off that TV’s other functions. That’s what Samsung has decided to do, launching a 3D video on demand app for its range of Smart TVs.

Before you 3D fanatics get too excited, the content lineup is fairly narrow at launch:

As a start, the 3D content on offer will include movie trailers, music videos, children’s classics, as well as lifestyle videos and documentaries. Children’s classics on offer include Pinocchio, The Ugly Duckling, Aladdin and the Magic Lamp, Puss in Boots. Lifestyle videos include Mercedes Benz Classic Collection, Takeoff-Macau, The Enchanted Hill: Inside Hearst Castle, plus documentaries such as Grand Canyon Adventure, Dinosaurs of Patagonia, Dinosaurs Alive, Wild Ocean, Mummies, Ultimate Wave Tahiti, Ultimate Gs, Legends of Flight, will be made available through the service.

The app will also feature trailers from 3D animated Dreamworks pictures.

Considering content has been one of the biggest thorns in 3D’s side since the technology launched in TVs last year, this is admittedly a pretty smart move from Samsung. While the company promises 30 clips when the service launches at the end of June, they also expect to have more than 100 videos available by the end of the year, which could make the service rather impressive.

Of course, you’d need to want to use the 3D functionality in the first place, but that goes without saying.