Ricoh Wants To Kill Paper Forms, Forever

The paper letter is dead, the fax is obsolete, and I can't remember the last time I sharpened a pencil. And yet paper forms abound - leases, receipts, agreements of all sorts. Ricoh thinks their tablet will end it all.

The eQuill uses the same guts as the Kindle - mostly. Its screen is much faster, so flipping through pages of dull text to get to the important stuff is easier. You can also write directly on the eQuill's screen with a stylus, making it a viable replacement for... anything else you'd need to sign. After edited on the tablet, a given form is whisked away to the cloud, where it's transferred and processed just like its paper counterpart would be. Only, you know, without making trees cry.

The eQuill's just a prototype for now, but I imagine there are plenty of companies that'd like to make things easier for them (and you) by ditching paper. [All Things D]

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