Rebecca Black's "Friday" Disappears From YouTube

Rebecca Black's "Friday" video was just taken down from YouTube, where it had amassed over 150 million views. Man, we were planning on playing it twenty-eight times in a row tomorrow!

The removal was presaged by a brief vanishing act on Monday, but now it appears that Rebecca Black filed a copyright claim with YouTube and it's likely the real deal. This would make sense, as Black and Ark Music Factory, the proto-music label that produced the song, have been battling over rights to "Friday." Now that Friday's gone, how do you feel about making fun of it, internet? Bet you kind of miss it! [TechCrunch]


    Its like there's a gap in the internets!

    I still haven't seen it, incredibly.

    Thank god I still haven't heard this song.

    Even celebrities have YouTube channels, this girl decided to pull it off the source that made her famous? Seriously.

      I know, this seems odd. It's kinda how it became famous. Strange logic?

    Luckily we still have all the parodies, which were often much better than the original anyway.

    "Biting the hand that feeds you" ??

    Seriously good riddance

    It was pulled after Ark Music put it behind a paywall. Black's legal advisors had it pulled.

    I heard this song every Friday on the local radio station that I listen to. It was one of the most annoying songs you'd imagine, but you couldn't help but sing along to it when you heard it. I'm happy I don't have to listen to it anymore though.

    I'd never heard of Rebecca Black, or "Friday" until this article. And now that I have, I hate her and think she's stupid for pulling it off YouTube. Marketing fail?

    I just pry they don't do a remake for an annoying ad that goes along the lines of "It's Telstra Tuesday Telstra Tuesday, I am so so so excited, weeeee weeeee need to go to Telstra" I think I would hit somebody or something.

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