Really? A Village Renamed Itself

As a show of gratitude for donating $US5000 worth of water pumps, a remote Indian village changed their name to, mirroring that of their Groupon-esque benefactor. Wait, wait, wait. Huh?

From TechCrunch:

Snapdeal has adopted a remote village in India and enabled clean drinking water facilities for its people by installing manual pumps. To show their gratitude, the village's residents have decided to rename their village to Nagar, actually taking the company by surprise. CEO Kunal Bahl tells me the goal has always been to build a socially responsible organisation, and that the decision to provide clean drinking water for the village came from a conversation with one of its 500 employees in the hallways.

A righteous gesture indeed. And I know it's not my place to tell a village what they should and shouldn't do, but this decision doesn't seem terribly well thought out. Especially when considering the longview. [TechCrunch via i4U]

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