Rate The NBN's Education Video

We all know that the NBN is a big investment for Australia. But once we get past the politicising of the infrastructure project, the biggest hurdle the network is going to face is educating the less tech savvy Australians about the benefits of high speed broadband to the home. That's where this video comes in - but does it do enough? Does it educate the masses as to why they need the NBN?

Last month, I argued that the biggest hurdle the NBN would have to jump (after the endless politics) would be selling the message. This video is the first real attempt. While I like the simplicity - having an older guy doing the selling is a good idea, as is the "different rooms in the same house" pitch, I kind of felt that the futurising of technology within each room was disjointing - there's nothing necessarily new about the fibre technology being used to build the NBN, so why are we suddenly going to experience Minority Report-style UIs when it rolls out? And why don't we have see-through monitors available now?

Overall, I think it did a pretty good job of conveying key points, but I think it would have been stronger if it hadn't delved into the science fiction of future technology. What do you guys think?

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