Pictures Recovered From Camera That's Been In Ocean For 4 Years

Peter Govaars stumbled across this camera frame (SD card attached) on a California beach. Curious about its whereabouts, he cleaned the card, plugged it in and found over a hundred photos taken in June 2007. That's four years ago.

I can't believe an SD card could still be readable after years and years in the deep blue sea. Wouldn't salt wreck havoc on it? Wouldn't coral grow on it? Wouldn't some silly sea creature eat it? But nope, it somehow survive. Govaars cleaning method was rather simple too, he said:

I simply split the card with an XActo knife and cleaned the circuit board with some isopropyl alcohol to make sure there was no salt bridging the pins. Once you've cleaned it, put it back in the carrier and put the two halves together. Then simply insert the card in the SD slot of the reader. That's all I did

Govaars has set up a Flickr page in hopes of finding the owner of the camera. Let's hope he finds them. [Found Camera Flickr via PetaPixel]

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