Pick One Of These Smart People-Approved NAS Alternatives

Pick One Of These Smart People-Approved NAS Alternatives

Apple’s Time Capsule refresh generated about as much chatter as a networked hard drive an possible drum up – but what if you don’t want a router/backup mutant? Here are three non-Apple data-ass-savers we vouch hard for:

earned some high gushing from PC Mag

A 2TB model will run you around $US260. [PC Mag] [imgclear]

TechRadar digs theTechRadar

CNET’s taps the QNAP TS-259 Pro as its top pick, with “a simple, yet well-thought-out and aesthetically pleasing design” and “two front-access removable drive trays and supports two SATA hard drives.” Still, the QNAP’s a champ not because of its design, but its trove of backupy features. And the thing can double as a full computer with a little Linux tinkering – will your Time Capsule do that? No, silly. But you can probably ignore that lunacy – you just want a solid NAS. The QNAP is that: “The QNAP TS-259 Pro offers top throughput speed, an overwhelming list of useful features, and an excellent Web interface. Also, it supports hot-swappable RAID configurations, Apple’s Time Machine, and IP cameras for an automatic surveillance system.” I would say, yes, yes that does qualify as solid. And for $US600, it should. [CNET]