One More Thing Conference Set To Inspire Budding Aussie iOS Developers

One More Thing Conference Set To Inspire Budding Aussie iOS Developers

We have a real passion here at Giz for the exceptionally talented developer community here in Australia. Which is why we were so excited to hear about the One More Thing conference in August this year, which sets to offer some guidance to up and coming developers hoping to create the next great app on the Apple Mac Store.

The brainchild of MacTalk founder Anthony Agius, the conference will feature presentations from 11 of Australia’s most successful independent iOS developers. Agius tells us that the idea behind the conference came from watching talented developer friends struggle to put their ideas up on the app store.

"I've seen a bunch of my mates, who can code really well and have awesome ideas, wishing they could get their apps off the ground and make a living as an iOS developer with their own app in the App Store. One More Thing is all about giving them confidence and showing them that you don't need to be a freak of nature, or particularly lucky to live your dream," Agius said.

Despite having the idea a couple of years ago, it was only in March that Agius and partner Lauren Watson began working on the project. With speakers including Russell Ivanovic from Shifty Jelly, Marc Edwards from Bjango and Jeff Tan-Ang from Apps Perhaps, Agius says that the conference isn't all about coding and design, but more of a way to inspire people with the skills to make the effort and hopefully succeed.

"The conference is primarily aimed at the programmer or designer, sitting in their cubicle, wishing they could create their own iOS app and make a living off it. They have the skills, they have the idea, but just need that little prod and some confidence to take it to the next level.

"The conference isn't full of code tutorials or design guides, it's 11 guys, telling us their App Store stories. So anyone interested in hearing a good yarn about successful nerds will enjoy it".

Tickets cost $249, which includes a day's worth of food and booze, plus a free T-shirt, bag and complimentary copies of MacWorld Australia and Desktop magazines. The event is happening on August 13 at Revolt in Melbourne.

Agius thinks the event is most likely going to be a one off for now, conveying a very specific message to the attendees. And while this particular conference is all about iOS, Agius believes it could be translated to other platforms, although a lack of passion for developers in those platforms means it probably won't really happen any time soon.

This is a great idea for fostering the growing mobile developer community in Australia. You can get your tickets now by following the link below.

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