Old People Line Up To Clean Radiation In Japan

Talk about a sacrifice that will warm your heart. A group of older Japanese folks are asking for permission to clean up the contaminated nuclear power station in Fukushima.

More than 200 retirees are volunteering to take the place of young people who are exposing themselves to high levels of radiation. The group figures they have less than 20 years to live and will be dead before any radiation-induced cancer develops. It's a different story for the young people who have battled in this war zone for three months and are at great risk for developing cancer as they grow older.

All that is stopping these pensioners from donning their radiation suits is the Japanese government which unfortunately is dragging its bureaucratic feet. [BBC]



    I'm glad these brave people ar trying to clean up the mess. We need to be sure to rinse our foods in sea salt or nascent iodine and treat our water with a Water Purification Tablet and reverse osmosis or distillation or get it from a source that does that. This is really important to keeping us all healthy.

    Wait - Zeolite - Isn't this the company where two of the directors were recently arrested for fruad, for promoting the fact that their Zeolite product would deactivate radiation, without any scientific proof?

    Wow, they're brave.
    Then really earn respect just for asking.

    What a brave act. You have to really admire these people for putting up their hand.

    The Japanese have been, and always will be an honourable people. They care more about the prosperity of the collective Japanese nation that than about their individual!

    God bless them, I wish them the best in this recovery.

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