Notification Center For iOS 5 Eliminates Interruptions

The new notification feature Apple announced for iOS 5 completely rethinks the way your iPhone or iPad will send you alerts.

Instead of having an alert pop up and take over your screen with an option to view or dismiss it, a new Notification Center will allow you to view and manage notifications en masse. When an alert comes instead of taking over the centre of the screen, noticies will appear at the top of the phone, giving users the option to ignore them or go to view them immediately. Swipe your finger down from the top of the screen, and you're sent to a new Notifications Center where all your push notifications are listed together. Tap on a notice, and it takes you to the app, or simply swipe to dismiss them all. It's hot, even if it does sound very much like the way Android currently manages notifications.

Photo courtesy of Mac Rumors

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