Nokia Banks On Wonder-Material Graphene

Nokia Banks On Wonder-Material Graphene

I could make some glib remark about how Nokia’s grabbing onto sexy-material graphene like it’s a lifebuoy, but really, I can only applaud anyone who’s pumping money into research of this harder-than-nails material.

Nokia’s not the first tech company exploring the usages of graphene. Since the two Russian-born, Manchester University (UK) professors Andre Geim and Konstantin Novoselov (pictured) won a Nobel prize for physics last October, IBM’s dabbled with making the first-ever graphene-based integrated circuit on a sliver of silicon smaller than a grain of salt, and Korean researchers have made bendable batteries out of the stuff.

Writing on the Nokia Conversations blog, Nokia rep Adam detailed their plans:

“Nokia believes that graphene is a future-changing material and is taking part in this initiative [the Graphene Flagship program]to help bring this most-promising material to the real-world. Nokia isn’t doing it alone, though. It has the help of nine other partners, which include four Nobel laureates; Dr. Andre Geim and Dr. Konstantin Novoselov with Dr. K. von Klitzing and Dr. A. Fert on the advisory board for the activity.”

The Graphene Flasgship program aims to encourage research into graphene within Europe, ensuring the technology is brought to the masses and “not only disrupt the future of mobile phones, but for everybody else too.” [Nokia Conversations]