MyCube Offering A Cool Six Week Paid-Internship In Singapore

MyCube Offering A Cool Six Week Paid-Internship In Singapore

 title=Okay, this generally isn’t my thing, sharing details for competitions that don’t directly involve Gizmodo. But this six week paid-internship in Singapore sounds like it could use the help of a knowledgable Gizmodo reader. Plus if you win, you can bring me back shiny stuff from Singapore.

Essentially, MyCube is a social network that offers users complete privacy controls, with the ability to share their personal lives on their own terms. It’s received $US8 million in funding and could solve some of the biggest concerns people have with services like Facebook. Or it might flop on its face – only time will tell.

What is important here is that they are looking for an Australian intern to experience a six-week paid internship with the company in Singapore, where the intern can work alongside the people behind the startup, with the potential to win more cash and potentially start their own business.

There are a coupl eof small catches though – first is that the internship is only open to people between 16 and 25 years of age, and second, entries close on Sunday.

Oh, and the third catch – if you win, you need to bring me back something shiny from Singapore….

MyCube, the world’s first Social Exchange™, has announced its initial summer internship program – the “Digital Life Academy” – an intensive 6-week internship program which will provide its members with the knowledge and expertise needed to become internet-savvy entrepreneurs. MyCube will be selecting 30individuals ages 16-25 from at least 20 different countries*for the internship.Each intern will receive at no cost a round-trip ticket from their home country to Singapore, housing for the 6-week period, and a $3,000 Singapore dollar stipend.

“We are incredibly excited to start this program, and we look forward to working with these outstanding young people” said Johan Stael von Holstein, MyCube CEO. “This age group has grown up with the internet and is very aware of the need to have privacy, ownership and control of one’s digital lives and assets, which is the core of the MyCube value proposition. We have designed the internship to ensure that when they leaveSingapore after 6 weeks they will be ready to become the next generation ofinternet entrepreneurs working towards giving us all the digital freedom wedeserve.”

The internship will provide aspiring entrepreneurs with training in company formation, fundraising, product development, marketing,financial management and more. Interns will attend lectures from internet and business experts, work on real-life case studies and new business ideas, and get significant hands-on work experience.

The top performing intern will receive a $10,000 Singapore dollar grant to further their studies or start their own company, and four runner-ups will have an all-expense paid trip to Idea Island in the Philippines for one week of brainstorming and relaxation.

After the program, interns will become MyCube “ambassadors” to their home country and may attend lectures, conferences and other events sponsored by MyCube, as well as serve as mentors to future participants of the program.

To be considered for the program, prospective applicants should visit and complete the application. Applications will be accepted up until 11:45 pm GMT 5June 2011, with selected members to be announced on 10 June.