Motorola Claims 70 Per Cent Of Returns Were Due To Performance Destroying Apps

Android's open system is both its greatest asset and its biggest curse, as Motorola has discovered. In a webcast presentation last week, Motorola CEO of Mobility Sanjay Jha said that 70 per cent of Moto handset returns were due to Android applications affecting handset performance.

Because there's no quality assurance on the Android Marketplace, inefficient apps that drain the phone's battery and resources - even when not active - are commonplace. This obviously impacts handset performance.

The good news for Moto uses is that the manufacturer is trying to address these rogue apps by using Motoblur to keep tabs of what apps are draining the battery and phone power. It shouldn't be too long, Jha claims, before Motoblur can inform you if you are about to install an app that will suck away your battery life.

But hopefully even that will just be a stop-gap measure before Google actually decides to tidy up the marketplace...


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