Most Women Won't Marry An Unemployed Man

Men, take some advice from ForbesWoman and If you want to find Mrs. Right, don't bother looking until you have a job.

It's harsh, but seventy-five percent of women surveyed by ForbesWoman and YourTango said they would not marry a man who was unemployed. Some marriage and relationship experts say women still look towards their husband as the main provider and won't get hitched to someone without an income. Others claim women are being prudent and realise both partners must have a job to survive in these difficult economic times.

Regardless of the reason, the implications are pretty clear for the men out there. If you don't have the money, you won't get any honey. [Forbes and YourTango via Reuters]


    And yet a man will marry an unemployed women? - talk about double standards.

    This is why i choose to be gay - i dont have to worry about all this sh*t

      that would be a much more interesting survey, I for one wouldn't marry an unemployed woman

      And here I thought the point of being gay was that that you... were born that way.

    Historically, women have benefitted when they align with power, to ensure the survivability of children. Or at least, thats what evolution intends.
    These days, money is power. So you do the math.

    what a bunch a sexists these women are, its ok for a man to accept a woman not having a job, but not in reverse.. so much for feminism>??

    I'm ok with that cos two can play that game :)

    I'm unemployed.....But I won the Lotto.
    Still single!!!!

    I don't think women are being sexist or money-grubbing at all. I know employment or at least an education (preferably a degree) is a benchmark for everyone I know. If not for brains, then at least shows she has some sense to be self-sufficient.

    i wouldn't marry a guy unless we had been together for any less than 12 months, if he hadn't had at least 'odd jobs' in that time then yes i wouldn't marry him or open a joint account.

    I think it's more likely that buggers hanging around the house all day playing video games, smoking mull, sitting on the couch in trackpants and ugboots in front of the TV with 5 days growth on their face just aren't all that attractive to the modern woman...?

    -NOT that all unemployed men are like that or even most of them, but that's the sort of image the idea conjures up so the reluctance to get hitched on learning that status is understandable.

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