MobileMe Subscribers Getting Pre-iCloud Refunds From Apple

If your $119 a year MobileMe account just automatically renewed, Apple's handing you back the dough - indicating that today's iCloud bonanza will likely include a drop in price for floating in the MobileMe cloud. Or maybe it'll be free!

TUAW says auto-reupped MobileMe users were almost immediately given their money back by Apple. Let's hope this isn't just a clerical error, but rather the first tiptoes towards a radically renovated MobileMe. It could use a new layer of paint (and knocking down the price would be a great first step). [SAI via TUAW]

Update: Our Matt Buchanan says he was planning on letting his MobileMe subscription die, but it's continuing to function perfectly after the expiration date despite not paying for further service. Strange! Let us know if you're encountered anything similar.

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