Melbourne Getting Second iOS Developer Conference This Year

Melbourne Getting Second iOS Developer Conference This Year

After learning about the One More Thing conference for budding iOS developers earlier today, we’ve just received word of a second conference happening in Melbourne this year – The Swipe Conference 2011.

Set to happen at CQ Functions On Queen street in Melbourne on September 5-6, the Swipe conference is less about giving people the drive to accomplish what they already know how to do and more to do with the realities of creating iOS apps, from the coding to the design to development.

In addition to the two-day conference, there’s also a third day of workshopping on offer for super-keen developers hoping to make it in the competitive world of mobile apps.

Costing $795 for the conference and $795 for the workshop, it’s clearly designed for professional developers hoping to get an edge while creating their mobile masterpieces. It will be a great opportunity to rub shoulders with other developers, both commercial and indie. There’s currently an early bird special offering up to $100 off as well, if you register quick.

As a consumer with the highest respect for the developers out there, I honestly can’t wait to start using some of the apps that come out of these two conferences this year.

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