Magnetic Silly Putty 'Hack' Creates Magnet-Devouring Blob

This automagically morphing blob of Silly Putty is based in science, silly, not witchcraft.

But how does one go about creating a freaky blob of magnet-devouring goodness? Instructables member Michael Saurus lays out a parts list:

Tools: - disposable gloves (latex or other) - disposable face mask - disposable work area (paper plate)

Materials: - Thinking (Silly) Putty ($2.00 or less) - any colour - ferric iron oxide powder (artist supply stores) - neodymium magnet

After that, it's up to you to follow his simple-yet-amazing/freaky experiment to its conclusion. Check the video - that hellspawned putty ball eats magnets! [Instructables]

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