Level Up Is An Almost-Perfect Gaming Storage Tower

The problem with gaming is that it can take up a lot of space when you factor in the games, the console itself, cables, controllers and peripherals like Rock Band guitars. The Zig-Zag from Level Up offers a pretty neat storage solution for your Xbox or Wii.

Measuring in at 90cm high and offering dedicated storage space for your Xbox or Wii console, four controllers, 13 games and two Rock Band or Guitar Hero guitars, the Zig Zag looks like a great option for anyone wanting to keep their gaming areas fairly well organised. At $100, they aren't exactly cheap, but for the convenience you probably won't find a cheaper option.

The only downside is that there isn't space for more accessories, like microphones or balance boards. And it's weird that there's no PS3 version either...

[Dick Smith]

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