Kinect Used As A Virtual Toyota Showroom

We all know that Microsoft is pushing the Kinect as a whole new user interface, but last night Toyota showed off the benefits of having an intelligent camera system in a virtusl showroom demonstration at Remix 11.

Jason from techAU was on the show floor and managed to grab the video of the demo you see above, which demonstrates using simple arm movements in front of a Kinect camera to control the "showroom". Using your body movements you can rotate the view, zoom in and zoom out, select a colour, and expand the car to see its componentry.

It probably won't take off in retail - but imagine the interactive advertising opportunities for Microsoft on the Xbox! Explore the latest car using Kinect! The reality is that this is probably where this technology is heading, and while advertising may not be everybody's cup of tea, you have to admit that being able to dismantle a car with your arms like Doctor Manhattan from Watchmen is pretty damn awesome.


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