Japan Is Not Thrilled By The 3DS. Here’s Why.

Japan Is Not Thrilled By The 3DS. Here’s Why.

So far, Nintendo’s 3DS looks to be a bust. This could change; the portable is still early in its lifecycle. But Japanese gamers aren’t exactly snapping the machine up. There must be reasons for this. Turns out, there are.

Online research firm Goo polled 1110 Japanese consumers (39.5 per cent were men and 60.5 per cent were women) about why they haven’t purchased the Nintendo 3DS. Here are the most popular reasons:

20. Waiting for my friends to get one
19. DS games look magnified and are hard to see
18. There’s no Famicom on the Virtual Console
17. The buttons look hard to use
16. Can’t transfer DSi Points
15. Waiting for a version with a larger screen
14. Saving for Sony’s NGP
13. Can’t play Game Boy games
12. There isn’t a 3DS colour I want
11. Can’t play Game Boy Advance games
10. Worried it’ll be heavy to carry
9. The battery life seems bad
8. Satisfied with the PSP
7. Satisfied with mobile phone and smart phone games
6. Waiting for games I want (like Pokémon, Zelda, etc)
5. Skimpy launch titles
4. Might get ill from the screen
3. Worried about eye strain
2. Satisfied with the DS/DSi
1. It’s pricey/waiting for a price drop

If you haven’t picked up a 3DS, let us know why in the comments section.

ニンテンドー3DSの購入を見送った理由ランキング – ゲームランキング [goo ランキング]

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