iTunes Match US-Only For Launch

You know how excited you got by the prospect of having Apple match your entire torrented collection of Styx in the iCloud service using iTunes Match? Forget it. Turns out the service is only going to launch for US customers.

If you're really desparate to try the service, you can always just set up a US iTunes account and go from there, but otherwise you'll have to suffer the inevitable wait that comes with Apple working out deals with local record companies to launch the service here (probably at an inflated annual cost, too).


    Apple and Google, don't you want my shiny AU$25 a year?

      I'm sure they do, only the local music publishers/distributors want your shiny A$50 per year (before Apple get their 30%).

    If history is anything to go by; we might never see it in Australia & if we eventually do... we can assume it won't be cheap!


      damn, looks like the guy in my office passed out over this!

    We just dont have the buying power, only 6% of the population of USA they need to get through to is equal to whole population of Australia.

    I think you'll find that this will to do more with copyright laws and record labels then it is with are population size. The music industry still have not learned.

    I think this is more than just the "Match" facility. All US sites are showing the store settings tab in 4.3.3 of iOS, which shows you can turn on automatic downloading of purchased items for "Music", "App" & "Books".

    In Australia we only see "Apps" & "Books". So I can't get any songs I've purchased to automatically download to any of my other iDevices. I'm talking about the free part of iCloud here and not the $24.99/year Music Match.

    What's to stop me creating a recording of my bottom burps and importing it into itunes as Here Comes The Sun by the Beatles? Would iTunes Match then replace this with the 256kbps quality version of the actual real song? I'm sure they've got some checks in place - obviously it'll need to be a real mp3/acc to even make it into iTunes, and maybe they'll even check the length of the song, but any further checks against the content of the song would probably work against their claim "…even if your original copy was of lower quality…". If they're using Shazam-like analysis, how low can the quality be and still be replaced?

    After a good vindaloo, some of my bottom burps sound a lot like Lady Gaga.

      Well...ignoring the cheeky side of your question; any sound file that cannot be matched will simply be uploaded and stored in the cloud AS IT IS. This was mentioned in the Keynote.

    Why are they showing Itunes Match as 'coming this spring' on

      Remember, the title of the article says that it is being a US-only for LAUNCH. This gives them time to see how well it is received in the US before they release it to other regions.

        Er, didnt the keynote mention it was launching in Fall? Meaning, Spring in Australia since we're on the other side of the equator, i.e. at the same time as the US?

    It's been updated on the itunes Australian website to "coming this Spring" and all mentions of a US-only service have been removed.
    Looks like the UK though will have to wait until 2012 though.
    Yay for us :)

    Just upgraded iTunes to 10.3.1, which lists iTunes in the Cloud as part of the upgrade. However, on loading, only Apps and Books show up in the purchased section.

    I highly doubt this will be available for go-live in Spring (let alone iTunes Match), if this is the case. Obviously the Australian music labels need to agree before we can move forward. Still - I guess we should really have expected that, given how things are with Pandora, Rdio, Spotify, and the like... Sigh.

    > iTunes Match coming this spring in the US. Pricing based on services provided in the US.

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