Is The New Nintendo Console Called… Nintendo?

Is The New Nintendo Console Called… Nintendo?

Well, we’re pretty damn sure that Nintendo’s next console isn’t called “Beem,” but what if Nintendo were crazy enough to not give it a name at all and just call it simply “Nintendo”?

That’s the latest rumour floated by Game Informer, the same outlet that published the first story with rumoured details on Nintendo’s follow up to the Wii. Instead of Wii 2, Wii HD, Project Cafe or Four GameCubes Duct Taped Together, Nintendo may just go with Nintendo.

It’s a bold, but potentially perplexing choice, if true, and not out of the realm of possibility. “Nintendo” is how the NES was colloquially referred when that system was dominant, so maybe that’s Nintendo’s best shot at broad brand recognition.

We’ll known for sure (at least I hope) this Tuesday, when Nintendo holds it’s E3 2011 keynote.

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