Infinite Loop Tablet Stand Flexes And Bends To Fit Any Situation

Minimal in materials used, but maximal in the number of ways you can use it, the Infinite Loop stand lets you prop your iPad up virtually anywhere, at any angle.

Constructed of a patented metal and plastic moulding, the Infinite Loop stand is essentially a four-foot-long length of plastic coated wire that snaps together. But it's strong enough to support the weight of a tablet and can be formed into any shape depending on your needs. If you want to use it away from the desk, there are even clips and suction cups to keep the tablet in place.

Furthermore, there's a smaller, two-foot-long MiniLoop meant for smartphones that attaches to a back panel via suction cup. Especially neat is that it can prop your phone up in the car, which is handy for things like GPS. Infinite Loop mastermind Tim Gushue is asking for $US27,500 to fund the project and is nearly halfway to his goal. Donations over $US19 effective act as pre-orders for the MiniLoop (a $US35 donation will get you a full-sized stand) If interested, you can visit the Infinite Loop page on [Kickstarter] .

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