In So Many Words, Microsoft Calls WebGL The Devil

Microsoft officially hates WebGL. They say the HTML5-supported graphics technology, which allows for 3D graphics in browsers without the need for special plugins, overexposes computer hardware to potential attacks on the internet.

As such, future Microsoft products (such as Internet Explorer), won't support the technology. This bummed me out for a second, because I value non-flash 3D gaming in web browsers over a secure computing experience. Then I remembered that I haven't used Internet Explorer since about 2003 and turned that frown upside down. [TechNet via Slashdot]


    Your ignorance is laughable. HA!
    WEBGL can directly access your graphics card and infect your computer. It would not be a long shot to assume that the virus can stay on the firmware of the graphics card making it a real pain to fix.

    As now, WEBGL is implemented in chrome, firefox, IE, opera and safari. It makes good security sense for Microsoft (the maker of IE6) to do this and this should be followed by all the other major browsers until the security problems associated to WEBGL can be fixed.

      Lol. You must be a windows fanboy.

      But anyway, you are right in that people should care about using webgl. but honestly, ie6 was a crap piece of software, and forced web designers to waste time and money on Microsofts poor effort at a browser. if Microsoft is so wary of webgl, then they should offer a real alternative instead of just ignoring features.

      you see
      this is a MS troll.
      1.IE doesn't support webgl. you know how Graphics driver work? Javascript or even Opengl
      which also Microsoft love to hate since xp

    Adrian should learn more about what he is talking about before spouting such bias and uninformed comments about WebGL.

    Learning is fun! Had nfi about these issues!

    Windows can directly acess my graphics card too maybe I should stop using it

    Adam makes a point. I don't know how to evaluate this now. I have no need, nor application for WebGL, but it seems like a product I would use. Alternatively, with no Anti-Sercruity other then Common Sense 2011, I need to heed all serious warnings.

    It is sad to see Micro$oft making such statements instead of working on the security issues and helping the community bring the HTML5 3D specs forward.

    Apple and Google are already embracing the standard, so it makes Micro$oft look ignorant making such statements and giving chrome/firefox a bad rap - given that its platform and IE are not free of significant security issues.

    Mozilla has been working on these and Firefox 5 will have protection against any of those security issues. In the long run, Open standards developed by an active community are much superior to inhouse corporate closed commercial technology.

    Avi Bar-Zeev Principal Architect at Microsoft was disappointed by Microsoft's position in the matter.

    "It would be an unfortunate position for Microsoft to take, IMO, because it gives the impression that Microsoft runs away from security issues that require some modest technical mitigation."

    Microsoft itself plans to access graphics card hardware directly in the upcoming Silverlight 5 which may present the same security concerns as Webgl.
    In other words, the criticism of WebGL may stem not only from security concerns, but also from marketing interests and promoting its internet explorer/Silverlight.

    Have you guys even read the Microsoft Security article? The point they make is that WebGL exploits can sit in untrusted videos on the web, as opposed to trusted applications on your computer (i.e., the browser).

      the same issue can be with Silverlight 5, untrusted silverlight5 video can access hardware directly. Its Micro$oft's lame excuse to push their own proprietary platform

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