In An NBN World, Sometimes We Need To Remember How We Saw Broadband In The 90s

After questioning the purpose of futurising the technology in the new NBN education video this morning, PC & Tech Authority editor Nic Healey flung me a message on Twitter pointing me to this historic documentation of what Broadband would offer Australia back in the heady days of 1992. You have to watch it.

Broadband by donaldtheduckie

Broadband part 2 by donaldtheduckie

Broadband part 3 by donaldtheduckie

Imagine living in a world where broadband consisted of bleeps and bloops and computerised voices and terrible, terrible 80s hairstyles. Let's hope that the NBN video doesn't age quite as poorly when we watch it back in 20 years time.

[Paleofuture - Thanks Nic!]

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