Hard Drives Are Going To The Cloud Before Going To Hell

One day, the hard drive as we know it will be completely dead, replaced by local cache memory and storage on the internet. Until that time comes, however, you will have things like the new LaCie CloudBox.

This hard drive gives you the usual local access to your data and automagically backs it up to the cloud, with no user intervention. It actually saves the ten previous versions of every document, so you can go back in time. The offer seems quite good: When you buy the 100GB drive, you get a year of 100GB online storage. LaCie says that prices start at $US200.

It sounds great on paper. I'd like to try how it goes through my 60,000-image iPhoto and 60,000-song iTunes library.



    Who'd be crazy enough to trust their data to the cloud now after all the hacking that's occurred?

    The sooner these trendy morons get over their obsession with cloud computing (probably the stupidest concept I've heard of in years), the better. There are too few places in the world with internet that'd make it practical. And security?? There's no such damned thing.

    Seriously - Screw The Cloud.

    Haha, my devices might be thin clients, but they'll be connecting back to my home server. Sure as shit not trusting, or renting, cloud hosting.

    Well after my 1 tb lacie died 3 months after I bought it I suggest the cloud backup be free and mandatory.

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