Google+ Invites Halted Due To “Insane Demand”

That’s the word from Vic Gundotra, the project’s team lead at Google. And judging by the over 1000 requests we had today, I can see why! But it sounds like we were able to sneak a bunch of you in. If you're already using Google+, tell us what you think.

Giz managed to get 75 of you in the door—so Update: I took another crack at geting you guys in via sharing a Google+ post last night. Included 1000+ of you on the share. From the comments I'm seeing below this [Friday]morning, it worked! So Let us know your thoughts on Google+ below!

In Thursday afternoon's post, Gundotra says the mechanism is shut for the night. But he also goes on to suggest Google is carefully watching server load and plans to keep invites controlled.

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