Google+ Invites Halted Due To “Insane Demand”

That’s the word from Vic Gundotra, the project’s team lead at Google. And judging by the over 1000 requests we had today, I can see why! But it sounds like we were able to sneak a bunch of you in. If you're already using Google+, tell us what you think.

Giz managed to get 75 of you in the door—so Update: I took another crack at geting you guys in via sharing a Google+ post last night. Included 1000+ of you on the share. From the comments I'm seeing below this [Friday]morning, it worked! So Let us know your thoughts on Google+ below!

In Thursday afternoon's post, Gundotra says the mechanism is shut for the night. But he also goes on to suggest Google is carefully watching server load and plans to keep invites controlled.


    Oh well. I barely used my Buzz beta invite last time too.

      That's because you didn't need to use it! They forced on you! Now they won't let you use it. It's wave all over again. See my blog about this:

    Hey, you guys got me in thanks a bunch!

    I like the look of it so far and the android app is nice. Any real judgments will have to wait till a) I'm not at work and b) have some people to interact with.

    Overall it looks like a nice tool and I'm very interested in conning some of my friends into trying it with me.

      Glad to hear it! Were you able to find the' Huddles'? We're still looking. Any other thoughts to share?

        Huddles are a mobile only thing I believe. They appear on my Google+ android app.

        Yes, I can see the huddles section in the android app, noone to talk to though.

        Also, as a side note it seems that people can still join when you have them in one of your circles and make a post that includes them. My mate got in that way just 5 minutes ago.

      so now that u r in, can u get me in, please, can u send me an invite?

    I'm guessing since I haven't got an email yet I didn't get in. Not too bothered but I'm rather intrigued now, today was the first I'd heard of Google+ and I wanna learn more!

    I like his comment of "It's your data, your relationship, your identity".
    Very nice to hear they are opposing zuckerman's ideals of sharing your data willy nilly.

    so what was the invite process? is there a chance that all the invites you tried to send will come through tomorrow?



    Certainly did. But I dont really know what to do with it...

    I got in through the Lifehacker invite thread. So far it looks like it'll be pretty good once there's a bit more life to it. There's a lot that you can't really try out when you're the only person you know with access.

    I did reply to the original post for invites, but alas, I was too late. I put out a request on twitter and got plenty of responses, but nothing in my inbox as of yet.

    I got an "invite" from Angus Kidman but was unable to get into the + site. There was no link in the email for me to click so I assume they were over capacity by that stage

    Ive got an inv from Dan, so Thanks for that.!
    so far I like it. love the fact that you drag and drop images. Hate the fact that i still cant find how to change the name of an Album.
    Needs "Events".
    Tried out hang out and its pretty awesome. i had no lag.

    I guess that means people have been looking for a genuine facebook alternative. I tried and binned facebook years ago but I'll be trying again with g+

    A friend got me in and I managed to send invitations to over a dozen of my friends before they shut it down. Thankfully those invitations are still good to be used even after the invite process has been shut down.

    I LOVE IT!! None of the clutter and crap of fb, and the hangout idea is awesome :-D Ask me again when there's a lot more people on it though ;-)

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    I love it- well we can fake selling out of invites..

    "Wow guys did you hear about Google+ I heard they sold out after a day, well that settles it, cant be another Google social failure!!!

    I got in before Giz put up the invites and got a few friends in. It's not bad, but I think without apps (which I don't use), there's probably not enough for people to move away from Facebook.

    I really like the circles idea. Works perfectly for me and how I'd like to use Facebook.

    I only just heard about google+ and want to join. How were the initial invites managed? How can I get an invite?

    I was the 59th to request - did I somehow miss out or are the invites still on their way?

      Sorry about that, some requests also came via email. Tried to play it first in best dressed, though


    The share with an email address still appears to invite users... you know just saying ;)

    I'm actually ridiculously impressed.

    It's very intuitive and it makes me instantly want everyone to be on it in a way that no other network has before. The circles just feel like an extra convenient way of organizing your contacts which is a deliciously viral way for them to spread this product.

    I didn't get a formal invite but one of my friends had added my email then clicked the "Hang out" button. I got an email that said "X person is hanging out on Google+" with a link for me to join him. Got another friend in using the same method.

    Hands-up who's surprised?

    i got the invite, but they are closed now, will have to wait. But thanks anyways!

    I did receive an email response from my initial request from you guys but when I click the link it gives me a message that someone has shared google+ with you but it's not quite ready or something to that affect and then offers for me to "poke around." I was wondering is this an invitation or was I not in the group who made the list? I understand if I wasn't I was just confused and was wondering if I should keep looking for someone to invite me. Thanks

    I signed up right now using the email from Gizmodo so it works

    Hi Danny, thanks a bunch for sending me an invite! Worked perfectly. Have work now so won't really be able to use, but wanted to get in if they shut down the invites later in the day. Will post my opinions tomorrow. Have a good one! :)

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