Get Blown Away By This Architectural Music Light Show

I love what happens when you put technology in the hands of very creative people like André Chocron. Using only time-lapse photography, the Norwegian director created one of the best music light shows I've seen.

Chorcon filmed old apartment buildings in Oslo, Norway and used the lights in each room as the medium for his light show. He captured each building using time-lapse photography taken at night. Using this technique, he was able to get pictures of each room with the lights on and off. He then used a computer to map the lights in a pattern to the tune "Time is of the essence" by Cold Mailman. If you have no idea what this means, watch the video and it will all make sense. The results are simply amazing. [Fast Company]


    That was amazing, and not a bad song either. Thanks for the share

    awkward moment when you and nick post pretty much the same thing at the same time

    Wow, that was fantastic.
    I'll second that as being one of the best music light shows I’ve seen.

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