Federal Government Okay With Disconnecting File Sharers From The Net

Despite the fact that the United Nations came out last week announcing that internet access is a basic human right, the Australian government has decided to disagree, telling Asher Moses over at the Sydney Morning Herald that there's no basis in international law that says declining internet access is violating an individual's right to free speech.

To be fair, the spokeswoman from the Attorney-General's department did her best to dodge the question, saying that the government supports an industry based solution, as determined by ISPs and copyright holders. But when questioned directly about the UN claim, the spokeswoman replied:

"There is no established principle of international law that any interference with internet access would necessarily amount to a breach of freedom of expression."

In other words, if AFACT ever convince judges that a three strikes policy against copyright infringers mean they will lose their internet connections, the federal government won't do anything about it...


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