Fancy A Home With Classy Cardboard Furniture? Karton Makes It Happen

I know what you're thinking. Cardboard furniture? Is he havin' a laugh? But the answer is no. Aussie company Karton has released an entire suite of self-assemble furniture that consists of nothing more than cardboard. It even looks pretty good.

Okay, I'd never actually furnish my home with cardboard furniture, but students looking for a cheap bed could do worse than the $188 Paperpedic bed, or the $72 Barista's table as a place to eat their daily intake of 2-minute noodles.

All products are (obviously) 100 per cent recyclable, and the company's Q&A page says the cardboard plays nice with water-based polyurethane and paints for waterproofing. While that's not going to make it impervious to the inevitable mishaps associated with a big night drinking, it might help the product last more than just a couple of days.

The upside is that if something does get damaged, it shouldn't be too expensive to order spare parts. And the whole assembly process is sure to feel like mega-origami, when you think about it...


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