Exclusive: Video Of The Craziest Flyby Ever From The Cockpit


    What happened in the Falklands then?

    I called shenanigans when I saw the ground footage, and I'm still skeptical of it.

    But after seeing the cockpit footage, DAMN!

    Love how the radar altimeter goes down to 10 feet and wont go any lower. Crazy crazy crazy...

    yeah, i think he might need the mechanics to look at the alternator. it's light keeps blinking on his heads up...

      Umm... That'd be ALT for altitude. As in altitude warning.

        apparently this joke is too subtle for some...lol

      haha i don't know enough about military jets, but if he was having power generation issues up in the air, it would be indicated by an emergency landing - rather than a warning light.

    Ahh yes, ride into my danger zone!

    sick to death of that song. how about something else ... anything else ...


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