Does The New Xbox 360 Dashboard Look Familiar To You?

This spring, the Xbox 360 gets a sexy new dashboard update, giving the service a look and feel that should be incredibly familiar to both Windows Phone 7 owners and folks that have gotten a peek at Windows 8.

Microsoft is in the midst of a torrid love affair with squares and rectangles. They put content into squares. Then they pack those squares into rectangles. Then they make bigger rectangles out of those rectangles. I get it. I understand the attraction. I'm a big fan of boxes myself. They are a fine way to organise things.

I suppose it's about time that Microsoft begin presenting a united front. This is what the Windows Phone 7 interface wants to look like. It's what the new touchscreen tablet and PC version of Windows 8 looks like, so by gum it should be what Xbox Live looks like.

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    I think this is great news. MS has needed a joint look and feel for a long time and I'm glad to see it happen.

    Whether it be good or bad, it's about time.

    Well since the anti-trust has been finished you see MSFT is really starting to push what every other company has been allowed to do for years. merge and connect their own products.

      haha, so true. It's a shame that the EU doesn't go after Apple and google for the same thing. Hell, Chrome OS is basically a OS Browser.

    I kind of like the addition of Youtube; according to the Fall,2011 - system update.

    I hope this means they're entering the 21st Century and throwing in some smooth scrolling for media screens. Navigating through hundreds of files is needlessly clumsy, especially compared to a mature UI like the PS3 or any of Apple's media/TV products.

    I hope you'll be able to customise all of the colors, both the tiles and the background.
    But this new UI looks harder to navigate with the controller .. ?

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