Do Not Text While On Jury Duty

If you're juror, you shouldn't text complaints about the "Doubting Thomases" on your panel. You especially shouldn't text from the courthouse. And you especially shouldn't text that stuff to an officer of the court. Oh, Daniel Matz.

The Queens man emailed a friend from his Blackberry, dishing about deliberations in a rape case, according to the New York Post. "Five Doubting Thomases don't know for certain," he wrote. "And were this not a rape case I'd pull the rug from under the prosecution and vote to acquit." He also told his friend, "the wifi is excellent."

Unfortunately, his friend was a Bronx Assistant District Attorney, who was duty bound to turn him in. Matz has been slapped with a $US1000 fine and the scorn of an angry judge, who said he had cost the court "thousands and thousands" of dollars, since a mistrial was declared. Hopefully the fine forces this guy to cancel his Blackberry contract. If he's like this in court, just imagine him in a movie theatre .

Image via Shutterstock

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