Dentures Come Back From The Dead After Body Is Exhumed

It would be pretty embarrassing to have to turn down the fruit of the gods because you have the wrong dentures. Luckily, Kenneth Ray Manis is being exhumed after he was buried with someone else's teeth.

Manis died at Parkridge Medical Center in Chattanooga, Tennessee, on June 12, and when hospital staff collected his personal effects they mistakenly placed his roommate's dentures with the other items. An honest mistake, really.

Manis' roommate, whose name has not been released, noticed the mismatched dentures, and the Manis family subsequently requested that the foreign teeth be removed from their loved one's casket.

Parkridge Medical Center is paying for all legal, exhumation and reburial costs, along with a new pair of dentures for Manis' roommate. You can see why he might not want to go back to his old pair once they come up from the ground. [Times Free Press via ForteanTimes]

Photo: Shutterstock

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