Dancing Dolls And Pink N8s Won't Save You, Nokia

We're hardly the target audience for a pink phone and Lady Gaga-esque visuals, but Nokia's latest commercial does make me laugh. Or weep, when I remember that Nokia's stock prices are at a 13-year low. [Reuters and Curious Brain via Adverblog]


    So Nokia are a toy company now, and sell Barbie dolls or what?

    People need to remember that Nokia started out selling MUCH different products; hell, back in Europe as a child I had an awesomely bitchin' fire engine red set of Nokia gumboots.

    Nokia is a chameleon - when something it's selling stops working for it, it simply moves into a new market. No one should be surprised if Nokia stops selling handsets and starts selling something very different in the next few years.

    WTF was that? O.o

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