Chinese Man Goes To Work Dressed As Iron Man

ZTE employee Wang XiaoKang was so inspired by the Iron Man movie that he built his own replica outfit and wore it to work one day.

The Chinese man spent about 3000 yuan ($435) and three months of his free time to build the superhero outfit. The suit has its own custom arc reactor, LED lights and a cooling fan that is powered by batteries hidden within the frame of the suit. It weighs a whopping 50kg.

After applying the last coat of paint, XiaoKang stunned his colleagues and upset the security guards with his impromptu showing at the ZTE campus in Shanghai. He was so pleased with his work on this Mark I outfit, XiaoKang is now working on a Mark III replica. [Wang XiaoKang via MIC Gadget]



    Did anyone else expect him to fly away or start blasting shit at 57s when he walked outside and the music hit the peak of its crescendo?

    I did.. disappointed. But otherwise pretty cool.

      Dude so did i!!!!! I honestly could feel it about to happen, but alas it was not to be.

    I see this guy on the train in Adelaide everyday who dresses like superman

    and some days he is Spiderman

      See now that's just ridiculous. He obviously has no respect. Maintain some consistency, dude!

      Really, the best thing for him to do would be dress as Clark Kent, and have the Supersuit underneath, with the cape showing a bit. That's REALISM, friends!

    It actually looks pretty good and surprisingly he could move quite well with it for 50kg.

    All those ZTE employees and for some reason i could not spot a single ZTE phone.

    Why did they mess up his face? Was he ashamed? Of being an uber geek??? That was so COOL! I'd make sure everybody knew it was ME!

    His full name is in the article, yet his face is blurred in the footage. Huh?

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