Carrying Gadgets With The Happy Cow Hip Bag Will Make You Feel Like Indiana Jones

As a chronic gadget carryer, I'm pretty much stuck with a backpack all the time. even when I just want to duck down the street, there's still the phone, the camera, the second review phone, the portable charger, the Kindle... plus non gadgety items as well. I'm not going to carry a man purse in this day and age, but the hip bag from Happy Cow looks Indiana Jones enough to be a proper gadget carrying solution.

Made from high quality recycled leather, the Hip Bag is a belt with a small bag that sits on your hip. It's not quite bumbag enough to make you look like an overweight American tourist, yet offers enough space to house your most essential gadgetry.

The hip bag is $69, and comes in a range of colours. And if the whole hip bag style isn't your thing, the guys from Melbourne-based Happy Cow have plenty of other designs that use the same recycled leather.

[Happy Cow]

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