Australians Have Bought A Truckload Of Tablets This Year

You know everyone who said that the iPad was a pointless device? How wrong they've been proven. According to the analysts at Telsyte, Australians have bought more tablets in the first five months of this year than all of year combined, with Apple unsurprisingly leading the charge.

Telsyte expects Australians to buy 1.2 million tablets in 2011 combined - a hell of a lot for a population of 23 million. The analysts also expect Apple to retain the lion's share of the market at 71%, with everybody else fighting for the remaining 29%.

The study also claims that telcos could do better by giving users a shared cap plan between smartphone and tablet, allowing customers to use data across multiple devices on a single account. That would be awesome, don't you think?

But either way, it seems that the tablet market is only just beginning to take off...


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